Thank You Art Day 10'

Here is the updated invitation with interesting young artists participant at "a surprise Live Chat section" which is new format of live streaming performance with time & venue distance from outside of Hong Kong to celebrate own impression and appreciation on 'art' with us!

Adrian Wong, Amara Antilla, Yan Jun, Cheng Hangfeng, Nam Hyojun, Cheng-Ta Yu, Susanne Bürner, Michael Eddy, Lee Kit, Sunday Lai, Attor Cheung, Jonathan Leung, Samuel Swope, Alexander Ugay, Nadim Abbas

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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of 'Thank You Art Day' on March 9, Nana Seo and Leung Chi Wo organize a warm-up party with our friends "who work for art, live with art and love art!" There will be Sunday afternoon party with a video screen setup with a list of works under on topic of "Otherness" and Nadim Abbas, Lee Kit, Attor Cheung, Samuel Swope, Sunday Lai, Cheng-Ta Yu, Amara Antilla, Adrian Wong, Micheal Eddy, Cheng Hangfeung, Suanne Bürner, Yan Jun, Nam Hyojun, Alexander Ugay and more friends will share their current impression of their 'art' to celebrate with us.

Also a streaming live-performance and performative interview "surprise Live Chat section" with "surprise people" is lined up on the same day.

Not enough? Or too early to go home, how about private screening of "Herb & Dorothy" ( ?

Let's cheer for Thank You Art Day 10' (

Thank You Art party
at Leung Chi Wo studio on 7th March (Sunday)
starts from 2pm
a friendly event needs rsvp at me


Be My Guest
at Videotage on 9th March (Tuesday)
opens door from 7pm
a part of world wide event with Czech curator and transmediale.10 report from berlin by Nana Seo
more info at videotage event (or facebook event)

For last years programme, we had presented:
Chow Chun Fai
David Clarke
ise parkingproject
Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
Kwan Sheung Chi
Lam Tung Pang
Michael Lee Hong Hwee
Lee Kit
Alexia Mellor
Nam HyoJun
Huong Ngo
Nguyen Quang Huy
Political Art Group
Qiu Anxiong
Gilad Ratman
Doris Wong Wai Yin
(see more details here)

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Hope can see you then!

Nana Seo

mobile: (+)852 61 440 450