Welcome to Thank You Art Day!

Thanks to everyone to join us Thank You Art Day 11' This is Nana, I am very pleased to invite you this year, here I would like to share a brief information about Thank You Art Day 11' and wish to have you and your great project to this year's programme, we will have on-offline sites in Hong Kong - A Space supported by Asia Art Archive. In this year, we will have an upgrade version of "a surprised live chat section" from last year's programme.

"Be Linked/ Collective Synergy" "Positive Collectivism" "Failure" "Alternative" are related keywords of this year's topic.
It may be the stage of exchanging of our cloud ideas on this topic and its phenomenon of collectivism in now a days, and to share your interesting cases and pure facts of what we are facing now. Also to see the interesting case studies about "collaboration"/ "un-expected combination" brings impressive impacts. It will be more about presenting a naked practice by art+cultural workers today.

Now you are very welcome to talk to me any ideas to share with us to build the final structures out.
Here at you can find more information about past programs and process of this year's programme:
(More documentation still-cuts and images from past years will be keep updated.)

Home (Introduction)

  1. 2009 (Quick Shots)
  2. 2010 (A surprised live chat section 外)
  3. 2011 (Be linked..)

Nana Seo
Tel. +852 2857 2127 / +852 61440450 (HK)
Email. nanaseo@gmail.com
Web. www.nanaseo.com

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